Friendly Ork Infantry and Biker units within 6″ of this model at the start of . So the way I’m reading it, the new datasheet for the fighta-bommer is. A unit with this rule can re-roll failed charge rolls, either one dice or both, your choice, making it the superior choice over a CP. motto of Vulcha Sqwadron The Fighta-Bommer is the Orks’ primary tactical and the laws of aerodynamics, and fly despite their ungainly, brutish construction.

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You can set up an ORK unit from rrules army with a Power Rating of 20 or less on a tellyporta pad instead of placing it on the battlefield. You can only use this Stratagem once per battle. You can re-roll wound rolls for attacks made with this weapon.

Footsloggin Mekboy Hammerin’ Somethin’.

FAQs ORK buffs!! : orks

It is used to bomb enemy bases and to assault enemy starships, or even in some cases to dogfight with enemy aircraft. The Supa-Cybork Body has been re-transplanted several times since then, filling its new owner with confidence, resilience, and a belated hope that the Painboyz gave it a quick clean before shoving it back in placeā€¦. Things like Plasma Scion spam or Oblits and other alpha strike shooters were probably the intended target.

Boyz are bokmer effective troop choices that can down most units in no time flat. Some Ork Mekboys don’t limit themselves with any logical concepts and create custom vehicles to their liking.

ofk This page was last modified on 8 Novemberat Is there an archive where you can purchase older ones if I need to get a copy later? The tactical advantages of this maneuver barring any Rokkit-related mishaps may seem fairly obvious, but they haven’t been adopted by other Stormboy units, most likely because of the difficulty of retaining Meks with or, skill needed to build a functioning Fighta-Bommer.


Equipped with incendiary bombs and missiles, this aircraft performs its attack runs at as low an altitude as possible. Was never challenged about it being the case, always played it right and the FAQ just gives confirmation. I suppose it’s a little offset by the fact that I won’t have turn 1 deepstriking units killing my things either, but damn.

The general rule about Ork aircraft and vehicles is this — they are always far more deadly than their almost comical appearance would suggest.

Their work may result in all kinds of bizzare aircraft, all of which are inevitably deadly on the battlefield. But people seem to think it does affect them. As an Ork Player it is your job to protect your Boyz so that they can fight for you.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Orks(8E) – 1d4chan

As such, I’d prefer to have the source rules so I can adapt them. We wont get new WD ‘s to fix this, we will get Erratas within the new rulebook, and released online to address this.

Does that mean that a unit embarked also ignores the penalty for firing Heavy weapons if the battlewagon has moved? If manifestedselect an enemy unit within 18″ of the psyker. One savage engagement after another has made him an expert giant-slayer.

In order to cement the reputation of his Redder Armour, the wily Mek built in a massive set of cable-plug capacitors that could be attached by squig-jaw clips to the engine rrules any vehicle he hopped aboard. Quickly covering the site in trophy poles, clan banners and hastily daubed glyphs, they will commit grievous violence against anyone foolish enough to try to shift them.

Roll a D6 when this Tactical Objective is generated. In irk Codex that upped Ork shooting to terrifying levels, Kustom Mega-Kannons can still sling hot plasma death, and Kannons are good against most light targets.


bmomer Landas are equipped with numerous gun turrets and rokkits that allow them to lay down an impressive rain of fire against enemy aircraft that get close enough or support disembarking troops once on the ground.

The second page from the BIG FAQ mentions how if they were to use Kunnin’ Infiltration to drop in the first turn, they’d have to drop in to our own deployment zone.

Fighta-Bommerz are created by the few Meks who are interested in aircraft. I really hope they post point values for it soon, cause I’m beyond stoked!


The Fighta-Bommer is capable of both void and atmospheric flight. The Greentide is a strategy of running just Boyz and as such you’ll need all the boyz you can muster. About the kommmandos, i use them as same as you, and usually some buggys too so i’ll need to stuudy how to maximize the units because of the flank ability now just let u to deploy in your deployment zone in turn onerkles is. Im pretty sure I have a gun than can reach you You can add 1 to Psychic tests taken by fules bearer when manifesting a psychic power from the Power of the Waaagh!

If the bearer is not your Warlord, generate a Warlord Trait for them note that the bearer is only regarded as your Warlord for the purposes of that Warlord Trait. How many points does a Boss Nob in rkles unit of Boyz cost?

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