Motorola Solutions Learning Product and System Technical Training Course Catalog | North America | 4 links using the Connect Plus System Planner. CTI Products. RadioPro™ by CTI Products, Inc. System Planner for Motorola MOTOTRBO. Document # S For Version 8 Software. 23 Aug Here’s System Planner for MOTOTRBO SR This is the North America release . If anyone can find the EMEA (European) release, please.

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When all radios are in an idle condition, they all sit on what’s called a “Rest Channel. I have a nasty feeling their are many types of Capacity Plus systems. Presumably there can only be one rest channel at a time, so if while repeater A was busy with group 1 and group 2 wanted to key up repeater B, the remaining idle radios would be sent to repeater C and everyone would eventually end up there upon termination of the voice transmissions on A and B.

Now I could be completely off track here, but it somewhat sort of makes sense.

It looks like, according to some of the CPS screenshots from those attached documents, that the rest channel “beacon” burst is user programmable. As you can see, while I was researching google on capacity and connect plus your posts here came up quite often planjer were extremely helpful. Switch to Hybrid Mode. The time now is 2: So here is how I have most of my systems setup: Additionally, they create more accurate and up to date repeater listings, publish and distribute code plugs, and fund raise.

Last edited by Forts; at 1: Mototrrbo by RadioReference. I’m finding the channel number from the CACH. North Georgia Communications’ Specials.

T12 MotoTRBO System Planner

I have been looking back in my logs trying to better understand the chronology of data messages sent before, during and after a voice call. Please take a look and discuss. Strathroy, Ontario Canada Posts: Last edited by inigo88; at 1: When a user keys up a talk group, every other idle radio NOT on that talkgroup is told by repeater A xystem go to a NEW rest channel on a different frequency called repeater B for this exampleand only the originating radio and the other radios on its same talkgroup are allowed to stay.

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Anyway, here’s the data – take from it what you will! I did the best I could given the material I read online, but I don’t have the equipment on hand to play with like you do.

I see a lot of misunderstandings concerning Mototrbo trunking. Check out these resources and brochures by clicking on the links below!

I spent the better part of a night pouring through google, old threads on the RR forum and motorola capacity plus sales powerpoints and PDFs, but I think I finally understand how Capacity Plus handles channel grants.

I’ll see if I can do more logging on this system so I can have a few more samples to analyze. This ‘rest’ channel changes after each transmission of a subscriber unit. Last edited by Jay; at Now if we are thinking that might be a channel assignment, then in my case this makes mototrno too.

Motorola 6880309T12 MotoTRBO System Planner

When a business needs rush deliveries to arrive at their scheduled destination or when a firefighter maneuvers through blinding smoke, there is only plamner battery they trust to extend the performance of their two-way radios.

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The standard is designed to operate within the existing The ‘rest’ channel will key up every ‘x’ number of seconds for example, every 2 seconds Maybe one to ACK the request for a channel grant, one to assign all non-participating idle radios to change to the LCN of the new rest channel, and one to indicate the conversion from rest channel to voice channel talk permit.


There are a few voice calls in here as well.

I have a feeling the interleaved CSBK data during the voice call what we have been looking at helps accomplish this, but I’m not sure how. Kern Motootrbo, CA Posts: Originally Posted by Jay You may contact us on our contact page to discuss how you might help grow DMR. I don’t know if it will be of any help or not, but there is some nice info on Capacity Plus in this document BrandMeister is an operating software for Master servers participating in a worldwide infrastructure network of amateur radio digital voice systems.

I will see if I can get some programming screen shots.

When the voice transmission is complete, repeater A tells all radios on that talkgroup to return to an idle condition and join all the other idle radios on the new rest channel, repeater B.

Was my explanation of capacity plus and how it assigns rest channels somewhat correct?

However, there is a ‘rest’ channel. The group collaborates and exchanges information about repeater operations. Please feel free to post some guesses or ideas. Bragg Creek, Alberta Posts: I does not use a system controller either like privacy plus either, so all channels can be used for activity.

That channel grants are controlled by CSBK data frames preceding every voice call. Obviously multiply the preceding example by 2 to account for both TDMA voice channels per repeater. Originally Posted by Forts.

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