8 පෙබ Watch Karaneeya Meththa Suthraya – කරණීය මෙත්ත සූත්‍රය , Karaneeya Meththa Suthraya – කරණීය මෙත්ත ස Free. 12 Sep Karaneeya Meththa Suthraya Deshana Dharmadhanaya.

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Read More 21 Cabinet ministers, 15 State and 8 deputy ministers take the oaths Posted on Thursday November 08, The number of Cabinet ministers rose to 21 including the 7 who were sworn-in to their new posts today. He made this statement while ddressing a media conference held in Colombo today. Lakai Sikai Sooriya Sirasai Thundershowers forecast tonight and tomorrow Posted on Thursday November 08, Sirasa Morning News Shakthi TV News Janai Priyai — Horakama If you rely on the akraneeya given on this Site, you are responsible for ensuring by independent methtua its accuracy, currency or completeness.

Janahithage Virindu Sural In addition, 15 State ministers and 9 deputy ministers have also taken oaths. Janai Priyai – Camarava Our site only provides the initial link or the pointer required by the user’s device to initiate a direct connection with a public video server.

Karaneeya Meththa Suthraya – කරණීය මෙත්ත සූත්‍රය 08-02-2015 08-02-2015

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