I grew up in the fifties, with a mother whose expectations for me didn’t go beyond wanting me to be a good girl. She urged me to get a college degree in. Wifey by Judy Blume – book cover, description, publication history. 9 Jun Judy Blume’s novel Wifey is not her usual fare. Obviously as an adult fiction book it is automatically set apart from how we all knew her in our.

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Despite a dirty mind and spiraling libido, sex is limited. He enrolls Sandy in tennis and golf lessons at the club in an attempt to keep Sandy entertained. What was weird that the narrator was so insecure that whoever wanted to have sex with her, she did not think of, hmm he is so ugly”No she worried about getting pregnant.

Wifey by Judy Blume

It ended a bit weird too. I usually love to read all her books but I got bored reading Wifey maybe because the protagonist, Wifry has a very repetitive and boring life. I blame this on the fact that my parents were constantly fast-forwarding through the kissy scenes in movies, which only fueled my curiosity. The great thing about Judy Blume is that Oh holy crap.

During a sexual encounter, Wifey lays there and describes a ” cock dancing inside me. In the introduction, Judy Blume explains that she left her marriage and took her two kids away and sat down after being a best selling children’s author and wrote this book. I revile the main character, who is shallow and dull, as is the characterization of her and all of the supporting characters. Make his friends, your friends.


Everywhere she turns she’s controlled and it’s frustrating, especially at the end when you see that’s just the way it is, and was, for women of the times then.

Wifey by Judy Blume |

She has co-written and produced a film adaptation of her book Tiger Eyes, and is currently writing a jdy novel. This book is like pretty whoa for !

Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. And how much you might like to keep it that way?

My impression is that Sandy Pressman was living in a fog, she had everything her mom and husband said she should want, but never thought for herself, or even thought about anything at all. Sep 07, Ruth added it Shelves: You are commenting using your WordPress. However, the characters were also multi-faceted, and my feelings about them changed several times lbume the book.

Because that scene made me so happy to not exist in that socioeconomic demographic in New Jersey in the s. Here’s my problem with this and a couple other fantasy scenes carried through. When I picked it up off the shelf at Barnes and Noble, I nudy no idea when this book was written.

Email required Address never made public. Pot Roast on Thursdays, don’t forget. Nov 14, Ellen rated it did not like it Shelves: View all 4 comments.


But I’m glad I read it. But through all that smut was a fairly good story- one that exposed the hypocrisy of the “family values” era of the late 60’s.

But by the fourth chapter I didn’t care about her blumee to hang around and see if she grew some ovaries and started acting like a real woman or not. Like most of Blumes stuff it’s completely character-focused rather than plot-filled.

I’m not mudy leaving anything on the table for this one, so buyer beware. This was painful to read- tedious descriptions of a tepid housewife’s seedy sexual fantasies, with lots of gratuitous use of “other” vocabulary.

The Baggage of Blumeness: Two Rioters Do WIFEY

This book is not silly by any stretch of the imagination. I know, there are probably well-balanced, happy women out there who gulp down the Romances Sandy Pressman is a nice suburban wife whose boredom is getting the best of her.

That is to say that this story about the inner life of a suburban housewife, written by a woman, fails the Bechtel test credits to Ceridwen and Sock Puppet for bringing that wonderful invention to my notice.

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