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IEC Standards for the Safety and. Efficacy of Medical Electrical Equipment . Introduction. It might, perhaps, be a little too self-evident to say that there is no. 1 Nov The introduction of IEC , Medical Electrical Equipment, Recurrent Test and Test After Repair of Medical Electrical Equipment, seeks to. IEC Body Model. 6. 2 Medical Electronic Equipment. 6. Commonly used terms and. 7 definitions in IEC Symbols and Markings. 8.

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Free Guide to IEC 62353

The disadvantages of using the alternative method are that measurements cannot be compared with previous IEC tests, and those active parts of the circuitry that require mains potential between live and neutral cannot be tested for ic leakage. IEC specifies three methods— direct, differential, and alternative—that can be used to determine the leakage of EM equipment.

Ensure high accuracy and repeatability 26353 leakage measurement readings. However, higher test currents—of 10A or more—might potentially be destructive to parts of the device under test, which are connected to the protective ground but have a functional purpose, such as screening.

In addition, this measurement is only taken in a single polarity and is similar to a dielectric test at mains potential using a current limited mains frequency supply.

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The direct leakage method included in IEC is the same iex that in IECmeasuring the true leakage through a body model measuring device to ground.

Another factor can be the environment in which testing is undertaken, which jec vary from the production line, the laboratory, an operating theater, to the patient ward. Importantly, the new low-current test technology enables valid ground continuity tests to be carried out using battery-powered testers, significantly increasing the portability and versatility of handheld safety analyzers used in in-service safety testing routines, significantly speeding up the testing process.

Specifically, it seeks to ieec a uniform and unambiguous means of assessing the safety 622353 medical equipment, while maintaining the relation to IECand minimizing the risks to the person conducting the assessment. The main advantage of using the alternative method included in IEC is that the device under test is not connected to the mains supply and provides the safest possible test conditions for the operator.

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Recently, new test technology has been pioneered in the form of a new low-energy, high-current test that overcomes the previous contact-resistance problems that inhibited the wider application of 6253 ground testing using 1A or mA test currents. You can find a comprehensive overview of Insulation Resistance Test covering: The differential test method measures the leakage current as a result of imbalance in current between the live and neutral conductors.

Preview Abstract IEC With modern electronics and digital technology, the use of higher test currents is regarded as no longer necessary—a fact recognized by IEC with its mA minimum current.

Acceptance testing is often not limited to electrical safety tests, with some basic function tests being applied to verify correct performance.

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It is often part of a service carried out by in-hospital mechanical or clinical engineering teams. Live to Earth Voltage. The test methods are: Clearly, safety testing at the design stage and at the end of the production line are vitally important, but what about when the equipment enters service?


Appreciate the basics of electrical safety. All maintenance, inspection, servicing, and repair done in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions maintain the conformity to the standard used for the design of the equipment. Please provide your name and email to continue. This standard is not applicable to the assembly of ME systems. Leakage measurements achieved using the alternative method are highly repeatable and provide a good indication of deterioration in the dielectrics of the medical device under test.

Insulation between mains parts and ground—this test is used to verify that the mains parts are adequately insulated from ground Class I or the enclosure Class II.

This booklet is written as a guideline for people involved in testing medical electrical equipment ME equipment.

For the purpose of this standard, the application of measuring methods is independent of the edition according to which the ME equipment or ME system is designed. The healthcare market is technology driven and with a global demand for increased patient safety, there has never been a more prudent time to demand more from your test equipment.

Appendix This contains reference tables for pass fail limits, standards, and documentation templates. Figures 4 and 5 provide a schematic representation of the applied part leakage test on Class I grounded ME equipment.

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Keeping It Safe Follow this checklist for safety ieec and keep all the bases covered. This edition constitutes a technical revision including the following irc revisions: IEC Medical Electrical Equipment—recurrent test and test after repair of medical electrical equipment—defines the requirements of ensuring the in-service electrical safety of EM equipment and systems.

An Introduction to IEC 62353

Contact resistance can influence the readings and cause unnecessary failures of the device under test. The assumption was made that higher currents could best detect any damaged conductors present. Enter IEC IEC Medical Electrical Equipment—recurrent test and test after repair of medical electrical equipment—defines the requirements of ensuring the in-service electrical safety of EM equipment and systems.

The main advantage of using the differential leakage method is that lec ground conductor remains intact during the measurement, 63253 providing safer working conditions. Stay aware of moving parts, open conductors, live components, heat, etc. Measurements can also be influenced by the presence of magnetic fields—the principle of measuring differential current—and measurements must be done in both directions to identify the worst-case scenario.

The 623553 and neutral conductors are shorted together and the current limited voltage is applied between the mains parts and other parts of the equipment. Each part of the medical device market has different electrical safety testing requirements. For equipment not built to IEC these requirements may be used taking into account the safety standards for the design and information in the instructions for use of that equipment.

Do you need a multi-user copy? Once a medical device enters into service, a number of potential test scenarios arise, including: Ensure that leakage measurements are performed while the equipment is in full operation mode, including its subsystems and components.

Otherwise conformity to applicable requirements should be assessed and verified, before the tests of this standard are performed. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition of IEC published in IEC Leakage Testing Research has shown that it is current rather than voltage that is the source of electricity-related injuries and deaths.

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