5. Newsletter. Before doing anything else, make sure to sign up for the free Energy .. Bedini Mono-Pole Energizer circuit that is extremely similar to the diagram. WHAT IS THE BEDINI SG? Get a copy of the Bedini SG – The Authorized Beginner’s Manual if you want to learn all about the Bedini SG and how to build your. This is a hands-on explanation of how to build a monopole energizer based on John C. Bedini’s patent No. 6,, This system charges lead acid or gel cell.

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The simple policy in this group experiment is to build as directed before changing anything, in accordance with the true scientific method. When radiant energy is properly applied to a battery electrolyte, the battery undergoes a series of changes that restores its potential AND lowers its internal impedance.

John Bedini Monopole Generators

This also ties in with the field reversing in the drive core and possibly an attempt to get at least a weak push off this reversal without appreciable generator action. US Patent http: It is said that this is the setup neccessary to swap the batteries indefinatly as it moopole the output of the coils into a form of energy that is better suited to run inductive loads than direct output into the battery.

Ok a energizr I would like to deal with Something different to the cap pulser. If you don’t have time to do a charge or discharge cycle in the above example, you could pick a larger monopol and smaller load than C20 so you could do a 24 hour charge and 24 hour discharge cycle.

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Bedini’s Monopole Energizer – Energetic Forum

I will upgrade it, so no videos because it looks horrible. Switching speed in rods is also a problem. Wood Stand Purpose – To hold the wheel steady, and to fasten the circuit and hold the coil. The destination batteries reach a charge capacity of 13 volts at 2: I’ve just been banished back to solid state by neibours complaining about the noise! Magnet Wire Purpose – To wind around coil spool. Most batteries, even when new start sulphating straight away as soon as they leave the factory.

Free Energy Generation – Circuits and Schematics. If you apply too much current, you cause the transistor to cross conduct known as cross conduction current. All the best in your research!

Nature does not care what the coil looks like. I will say that the capacitor version is interesting and it does have at least one advantage over the SSG version: At the end of the charge cycle, these amp-hour batteries are boiling at See this graph for more details. To link the article above use: Along the left hand side of the screen are the links to the functional areas, which are described below.

Wait for rotor speed to stabilize after making potentiometer adjustments around 1 -2 minutes. Choosing a modest battery size and a lower DOD value makes the testing take less time. Unrelated photos will be deleted by the moderators. Transistor Purpose – To switch the current through the coil, this in turn charges the secondary battery.

The destination batteries are then discharged to 10 volts under working load to prepare for Test 2. Place a volt meter over the 1-ohm resistor. Not hwo I omitted the board did it finally work. The work on this little model was very important to get an understanding of what the energy was and how it worked, and how you would trigger it jonopole the end.

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These books are all available by ordering on-line from Tom Bearden’s or Rick Friedrich’s web-site. Measure the voltage of the charging battery and note the amps reading on the analog amp meter. The magnets can not be too close together and must be spaced evenly around the wheel. The first type is the conventional “Classical Electromagnetic” CEM energy bedii is taught in all the textbooks.

Test 3 starts at 1: So, what have you learnt? Due to the length of the recovery pulse and the diameter of the rotor and drive stator core in your motor and with the flipping fields, it tries to slow motor down.

The most striking example is the pendulum; during the filming of that segment the pendulum looked very promising but in the end turned out to be not so great, at least from monopoe battery charging standpoint. Last edited by darkwizard; at Both wires are wound together “bifilar” on the coil spool.

Do enough cycles so that you are certain of the trends. Conventional chargers usually have a shutoff when they determine full charge. The Internet is a valuable tool for researching this technology. As a general rule of thumb, the magnets should be spaced magnet widths apart.

The best way to measure how much energy a battery has is to measure how much work it can do via a load test.

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