Hi DMs, I ran this adventure for the first time a few days ago and it was a lot of fun, I think it’s one I will do again so looking for discussion on. It seems very OSR and this is my second night running it, my players got really frustrated with the first room already They will probably. Three years and a day ago, I asked if C1 The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan was overrated. While I enjoyed the dungeon’s flavor, I felt the.

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So for the best game, you play the Shrine as designed, as a race against time to escape a death trap. The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan J. There are more traps and puzzles than combat encounters in this module—if you have players who prefer solving puzzles to slinging swords, this module will suit them nicely.

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Or as the module puts it:. Despite all that though, the module is still fantastic. The module was the first to introduce players to the Olman culture of the World of Greyhawka society loosely based on AztecMayanand other sources. I told them that they had just completed a mission. Also included herein are background information, a large-scale referee’s map, referee’s notes, and new monsters and descriptions for an added taste tmaoachan excitement.

Tamoachqn Dungeon Master who wanted to adapt it to a campaign situation gets a few suggestions in the introduction, but really it was published with minimal effort to convert it to a more adaptable scenario.

Should i make these monsters openly hostile? Beings like a mummified centaur who was once a sacred offspring of Chiza-Aztlan, but now is an undead guardian tasked with preventing any but the dead from entering the ruins of the temple, and to try and keep tamoachsn dead contained therein from escaping.

Tips running Hidden Shrine Of Tamoachan

Submit a new question. I wanted to give the game an urgent feel and I explained beforehand that this was going to be challenging, more so than the level adventures we have been playing together so far.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I half expected a slog through a flooded museum hidedn with gotcha traps. Although the map and rules are detailed, they are also confusing.

My players devised surprising and inventive solutions for obstacles big and small, and I loved watching their plans unfold. For hjdden DMs who have trouble designing their own dungeons, I say buy it. I recommend that you instead make the tomb part of a demon-worshipping culture from long ago. Some of my party have up to three of the four options lingering on them.

D&D Retro: Hidden Shrine Of Tamoachan – Bell of Lost Souls

The scout topples as well, his tiny metal staff falls from his grasp. However, if they like a more straight-forward combat-oriented game, or one with lots of opportunities for rests and interesting NPCs, then perhaps you should give this one a miss. This is some really cool backstory—and details like this are sprinkled throughout the dungeon.

As they fled, the ground beneath them opened up and they descended into the dungeon. Michael Moran rated it really liked it May 12, The adventure seemed to default to the outdated assumption that everything in a dungeon attacks on sight.

Therefore, many of the encounters will not bother a party who do or do not take certain actions.

Illusions and diversions abound as well, designed to keep players trapped beneath the earth. The whole goal is to explore and discover hsrine character of the shrine. The background leads the adventure to pit the characters against monstrous snails, crayfish, and hermit crabs.

The first version published for sale to the general public in was titled The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan and bore the module code C1. Open Preview See a Problem? The encounters are brilliant, but what separates a tournament module like this from a fully fleshed out adventure like Caverns of Thracia is the lack of a compelling backstory.


Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. They would have helped me. Especially since designers have gotten better about slipping details and important mechanics oc narrative and description.

What extras are there that I can use in future campaigns? Haven’t had time to run it yet, but I will be using the classic 1st edition score sheet and trying to run it multiple times to see what different approaches groups take Hidden Shrine is a potpourri of set-piece encounters. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

How long would you say this takes to run? Perhaps the chore of digesting all the verbiage fooled me into thinking that playing the adventure would also prove tiresome. Yeah, if you wanted to play on easy mode. Like most of the dungeons in Yawning Portal, The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan is more of an exciting adventure environment than a fully formed narrative. All Submissions must be in the form tamiachan a question that is related to DMing or an explanatory guide.

This module is meant to stand on its own, and includes areas on the map where Dungeon Masters may add their own levels. I wish the adventure had included illustrations for areas 42 and Many shrind the rooms are decorated with figures and statues and murals that depict scenes from the culture.

As mentioned earlier, if your players like puzzles jidden problem solving, this is the perfect module for them. Retrieved August 12, Joe rated it it was ok Oct 26, Chunks of stone rain down on the small scene below.

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