Visit ‘s Henry Bayman Page and shop for all Henry Bayman Books by Henry Bayman See search results for author “Henry Bayman” in Books. Interview with Henry Bayman, in conversation with Stephen Hirtenstein 25 September 1. How did you first meet Ahmet Kayhan? I first met Master Ahmet. Henry Bayman is an independent scholar living in Turkey who spent twenty-five years studying with the Masters of Wisdom of Central Anatolia. His interest in Ibn .

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He was not rich, so the reason was not economic. Though most people fail to realize it, the caliphate itself is a political institution, not a religious one. If you try to make a political ideology out of it, you will be betraying its very essence.

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Pleasantries would be exchanged over a cup of tea. He never had a restful night, and yet, come morning, he would be at least partially rested.

Since he died on August 3,he was a hundred years and seven months old when he passed away. History of Western Philosophy. The reason is that all language presupposes a common base of human experience. The Secret of Islam: The closest I can make out is that he was born in early This is exactly the point where incredulity, and consequently my predicament, is bound to set in. The Case of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi.

Of course, there can be different degrees of God-realization. Or were they themselves radical by origin?

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Sufism: An Interview with Henry Bayman

So whatever merit my writing may have, friends and readers who have been kind enough to point out strengths and mistakes have had a lot to do with it. It was to the tail end of these that George I. I must again stress that this is not simply my personal opinion. Why has the West diverged from the real understanding of Islam? What a pain it was, to have to type up a page all over again just because a word was changed or a sentence was inserted!

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: He was sick most of hengy time in his old age, and suffered from a badly healed broken leg and failing eyesight in his final years. His devotees, humanity, the entire universe were all in need of this Man, I thought. One could also use the Nietzschean concept of the Superman, or the Chinese concept of the superior man or true man. From that point onwards, it would be the individual efforts of the seeker which would dictate the outcome. This last is also why mere technological advances will never result in higher consciousness.

And he has critically analyzed the insider and outsider threats that the Islamic world has ever felt with the arrival of fundamentalist forces. It is the love of God that attracts us toward Him, and the more we love Him, the more we submit to His commandments. You present it as an inherent part of the religion baymsn Islam. How could he be replaced?

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Perhaps, in the future, others who have known the Master will come forth to tell their respective stories. The Master was an inexhaustible repository of Sufi teaching-stories and anecdotes.

At all costs, this unique phenomenon must be preserved, and if his life-span could not be extended indefinitely, then it must at hehry be stretched to the maximum possible.

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Mother Hajar gave him a queer look. He meant it in the sense of ‘man of peace’. Also, Turkey is a country that has undeservedly remained obscure to the outside world.

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Notice that these correspond to the three requrements above: How would you comment on this? Imams Hanbal and Shafii were henty born afterwards, and the establishment of the four essential schools of law thus necessarily post-datedwhen the Abbasids took over.

Having become acquainted with Indian philosophies earlier than with authentic Sufism, they saw what they thought were striking parallels with them.

Some might have been inclined to view them as a herd, as an uncritical, imperceptive bunch of simpletons.

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