Given at least 4, years ago by Rishi Pippalaada, the Garbha Upanishad details how conception takes place, factors that determine gender and traits of the. Garbha Upanishad. This Upanishad explains in detail about the conception and growth of a child in the mother’s womb. At each stage of development in the. garbhopaniShat 17 || yadgarbhopaniShadvedyaM garbhasya svAtmabodhakam | sharIrApahnavAtsiddhaM svamAtraM kalaye harim || OM sahanAvavatviti.

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Garbha Upanishad of Krishna-Yajurveda

Where there is a frequent pouring of seminal fluid into the womba greater number of limbs is produced in the child. Retrieved 23 June Hence the semen and blood are produced from food and drink. Action corresponds to the mental state of the actor. All parts of the world have been my place of birth, as also my burning-ground in the past.

The urine dividing itself into two, spreads to the left below the navel. This Moksha Sastra the scripture leading to Salvation was enunciated by the great sage, Pippalaada. It asserts, states Paul Deussenthat in a human adult, “the head has four skull bones, and in them there are on each side sixteen sockets; in the body there are joints, sutures, sinews, veins, muscles, bones and 45 million hairs”.

The body also has got one ser ser is a measure weighing around grams weighing biological fire, two ser weighing watery substance, a quarter ser weighing semen or other reproductive fluid and two-sers weighing fat. Click here to go back to the Veda Rahasya Home Page. With these fires present within, an internal homa or yagna or the ritual sacrifice takes place within a human body regularly and incessantly.

It is during the ninth month that all the sense organs and intellect organs attain completeness. Many thousands of wombs have been seen by me, many kinds of food have been tasted by meand many breasts have been suckled by me. The text states that in the last weeks of its development, the fetus remembers the good and bad karma and being born anew through many births, resolves to remember Maheshwara Shiva and Narayana Vishnuresolves to study and practice Samkhya – Yoga after birth because all these bestow the reward of liberation.


A womb with one embryo is common. It should be known that one becomes capable of knowing through a proper quantity of bile; through having a little more or a little less of it, he comes to know more. The human body is constituted of five things the five forces of earth, sky, air, water and fire and is of six shelters like the physical, ethereal and so on.

Thus there are seven compounds and the body is formed of such compounds.

Above the navel, two digits to the left of it, is seated the source of bile. I am left behind all alone. May we not hate each other at all! The body depends upon them while they depend upon the body.

Then there are seven kinds of sounds, viz. When they are in their proper state, they produce health: Through it, one inspires and expires and moves his limbs.

Human embryo or Garbha in sanskrit.

There are six kinds of rasas essences or tastes —sweet, sour, saltish, bitter, astringent, and pungent. Coming into contact with the earth, it becomes fierce-eyed and debased. From white which is food rasas juice, sap, essences develops the blood redout of blood develops the flesh opaquefrom flesh develops the fat smoke coloredfrom fat develop the bones yellow ypanishad, inside bones develops the bone marrow brownand from marrow develops the semen pale colored. There are six changes of state viz.

It the body is measured by ninety-six digits. Krishna Yajurveda[1] Atharvaveda [2]. It is dependent on four types of food. In old age anxiety, disease, fear of death, desires, love of self, passion, anger, and non-independence—all these produce very great suffering.

Efficiency may we both attain! Then the mouth exists in speech, upamishad hand in lifting, the feet in walking, the anus in excreting, and the genitals in enjoying. All my near and dear of earlier births for whom I performed various actions upajishad earlier birthswhether good or bad, have enjoyed the benefits of my actions gxrbha have left me all alone.


Why is the body said to be having six shelters? The text is notable for its style, where it states a proposition, asks questions challenging the proposition, thereafter develops and presents answers to those questions.

To go a step ahead, we can even say that parts of this Upanishad are yet to be physically researched and understood by the modern scientists and will remain unknown to the Science world till such time. In two months, the head takes form. However, grbha to Quintuplets are observed among humans, asserts the ancient text. That garbha is controlled by the Hridayam the heart. Once he digests the essence of the same, he understands the fact that the eight basic forces upanishxd sense organs, the mind, intellect and ego and their sixteen variants belong to the soul or the jivan residing in the body.

The heart houses an ever-burning internal fire from which a biological fire is generated, which in turn, gives birth to air. The surviving manuscripts are incomplete, most of the text is lost or yet to be discovered, and the text is discontinuous, inconsistent between the manuscripts available.

It cognizes as the one letter. Garbha Human embryo or Garbha in sanskrit. I am burnt through actions, good and bad, committed by me alone before for the sake of others, whilst those who enjoyed the fruits thereof have disappeared.

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In upanishsd are sorrow, grief, dependence on others, ignorance, the non-performance of what is beneficial laziness, and the performance of what is unfavourable. But in their combination a son is born when the father’s seed preponderates. If the potency of both the father and the mother are equal with no pulling force in either, it becomes a nabumsaka.

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