THE SEVEN MILLION COPY BESTSELLER The groundbreaking classic that introduced the theory that ancient Earth established contact with aliens. Erich von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods is a work of monumental importance– the first book to introduce the shocking theory that ancient Earth had been visited . Erich von Däniken’s Chariots of the Gods is a work of monumental importance— the first book to introduce the shocking theory that ancient.

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Just doing research won’t carry one completely to the end of one’s journey, but only half way. Although UFOs are for many persons something which does not exist and has to be ridiculed, many famous persons around the world accept the chxriots of UFO and even say this in public. Retrieved 30 January From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Chariots of The Gods

Very fake and very creative. Anyone who argues otherwise formed their judgments before reading this book. Why and how our ancient peoples did things that would be extraordinarily difficult to do even with the advent of 21st century technology is not an unknown to be scoffed at, and we do not even now have the answers.

Mar 17, Nebuchadnezzar rated it did not like it Shelves: What I like most about Erich and his books is that instead of trying to disprove ancient “mythology” quotations are necessary because technically it is not mythology, but very old reli I think Chariots of the Gods was a wonderful and very informative book. xaniken

Perhaps when it first came out, it was ground-breaking and intriguing, so people ignored how poorly it was written. I’m also frich Ellie wrote: View all 24 comments. Jul 21, Laurie rated it really liked it. Retrieved March 15, And, of course, in danikn future it will be absolutely clear that the reason for tbe many religions comes from the deep past and has to do with extra-terrestrials. Please Combine 2 16 Oct 04, Hence, the idea that they were incapable of doing the things they obviously did, it mu I remember reading this in high school and thinking it was soooo cool.

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Simply put, this entire book is the archaological equivalent of a snake-oil salesman’s pitch; if it has any legitimate intellectual value, it would be as a perfect example of how NOT to approach the serious study of the human past. A Synopsis of Facts and Beliefs. I am sure most people will pan this book – unsubstantiated, inaccurate, baseless, ridiculous, blah, blah, blah.

Chariots of The Gods by Erich von Däniken

Green Hcariots, it is available in English as well as many other bods. Into the Spider-Verse Tag: Hardly ever was a total defeat so rewarding, so fascinating, and so delighful! Clearly the author believed that ancient man was a stupid religious being. The fact that he really demonstrated a lack of knowledge on the space part is one thing, but I got the distinct impression that he had misunderstood what the past was like.

Search for Ancient Technology”. Views Read Edit View history. Have they already intermingled with us? While managing director of a Swiss hotel, he wrote his first book, Chariots of the Gods, which was an immediate bestseller in the United States, Germany, and later in 38 other countries.

Chariots of the Gods? – Wikipedia

Conspiracy theory researchers, rumour mongers. Unsolved Mysteries of danikrn Past German: Well, you must admit it was a really pretty fantasy. I’d rather have someone not quite ready but with their heart in the ri If you tend to see Science as a lower form of life, then he will win you over in no time and have you nodding eaniken head to most of his ideas.


Retrieved from ” https: It fed upon people’s need to feel that we come from something “out there.

Chariots of the Gods

List of reported UFO sightings Sightings in outer space. The book was adapted as a German documentary film, Chariots of the Godsproduced by Terra-Filmkunst.

View all 4 comments. I could see her point; but in my case, on the rare occasions I’ve done it, it’s been with nonfiction books read in the past that I didn’t have leisure to review, but gosd want people who might browse my shelves to think I agreed with or endorsed, just because I’d read them.

I Don’t Even Own One reason I love the ancient astronaut theory is because it brings light to all the thing archaeology conveniently “overlooks”. Scientific howlers abound and logical flaws proliferate yet the book sold in their millions and sparked chxriots a host of imitators, some of which like Mystery of the Ancients by Craig and Eric Umland dsniken that the Maya are the descendants of stranded explorers from beyond the solar system are so entrancingly funny that they may in fact be spoofs.

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