HVX. Vacuum circuit-breaker up to 36 kV. Medium-Voltage Switching Devices. HVX. HV. HVX. 0. MEDIUM-VOLTAGE SWITCHING DEVICES. AREVA T&D. HVX Assembled Pole – Indoor MV Vacuum Circuit Breaker up to 24 kV. The HVX series circuit-breakers are vacuum circuit-breakers for application in 12 to 24 kV indoor switchgear units. Operating conditions. The circuit-breakers.

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Bolts and socket-head cap screws except slotted screws and nuts except selflocking nuts Table 2: In case of AC voltage, the coil is supplied via a rectifier installed in the switch housing.

Shipping units must be unpacked immediately after receipt.

All dimensions not specified in detail are in millimeters. Operating reliability and service life depend on correct operation.

Spring-charging mechanism of the drive using a crank Approx.

Anti-pumping relay If an ON and OFF command is simultaneously and permanently present at the circuit-breaker, the latter returns to its initial position after closing. You must be familiar with these interlocks before operating the circuit-breaker Electrical interlocks have been designed according to the circuit diagram. The HVX aeva circuit-breaker must be lifted in accordance with the illustration.

HVX Assembled Pole | Schneider Electric

If necessary, clean see Chapter 8. Any other use constitutes improper use and may result in dangers and damage. As standard, the circuit-breaker is equipped with two auxiliary switches with 8 contact elements each. Electronic pulse stretcher The electronic pulse stretcher, type C27extends the momentary pulses to 50 ms, which offers the following advantages: Science Physics Electronics Vacuum circuit-breaker up aerva 36 kV advertisement.


Any damage to the paint, scratches and other damage must be repaired immediately to avoid corrosion.

HVX (technical instruction) |

When performing the following assembly steps, observe and comply with the instructions given for the panel used. Hv must provide a sufficient heating performance to prevent condensation on the circuitbreaker. Appropriate interlocks rule out faulty switching operations.

There is a risk of injury when working on the drive mechanism. If additional control lines are placed in the drive casing, leave a sufficient distance from the movable parts of the drive. Switch off the auxiliary voltage for the circuit-breaker drive and secure it against reclosing.

Insert crank into opening for tensioning the energy storing device Fig. An experienced circuit for many applications. This symbol is used for instructions non-compliance with which may result sreva serious injury, death or serious material damage. For Schneider medium voltage switchgear and for panel builders. Browse our resource section and find the most useful tools and documents for all our products Browse Energy and sustainability services First, envision an energy-efficient, cost-effective and sustainable enterprise.

Measures to take in case of condensation: The auxiliary voltage data is required to this effect. Move circuit-breaker from disconnected into service position by hand: Clean by means of a dry, lint-free cloth.

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Committed to hvz customers safe, reliable, efficient energy, Schneider Electric in to Polish to achieve a bright surface: Schneider Electric to help you – make the best use of its efficiency, enjoy the energy! The safety provisions of Chapter 1. Schneider Electric China has nearly 22, employees.

Vacuum circuit-breaker up to 36 kV

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Connect external control lines via the terminal strip. It remains in this initial position until the ON command is issued anew. Observe the operating and locking conditions Chapter 7.

Energy Transformations Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Gas-insulated switchgear type 8DQ1, kV, 80 kA siemens. Ryan Sabo – WordPress. Use a dry cleaning cloth for slight adeva After connecting the external control line, mount the cover plate. Circuit breaker is in discharge and open position,trolley is in service position. Schneider Electric Energy Efficiency Management Uvx With its deep understanding of the five markets, the careful care of corporate clients, as well as in the field of energy management experience, Schneider Electric from a good supplier of products and equipment have grown to a total solution provider.

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