Fairbrother KJ, Heasman PA: Anticalculus agents. J Clin Periodontol ; the research associated with the development of anticalculus agents and to evalu-. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Anticalculus agents | Most dentifrices and some mouthrinses now contain 1 or more active anticalculus agents to achieve. With the help of antiplaque and anticalculus agents. Chemical plaque control – Rationale. Gingivitis & periodontitis are highly prevalent diseases and.

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Suitable sources of pyro ions are disclosed in U. After eight weeks he receives dental prophylaxis performed by his dentist.

EBSCOhost | | An Overview on anticalculus agents – A review.

The applicating device is then contacted with the oral cavity surfaces in a manner such that the oral composition is contacted with tissue of the oral cavity, especially the teeth and gums. CN CNB en To optimize stability of the final composition a pH of at least about 7.

Our dedicated team of scientists can design the test according to your specific requirements and incorporate the analyses appropriate to your needs. The zinc ion source for aagents oral care composition of the invention may be any source known or developed in the art or any combination or mixture of such sources.

Flavoring agents can also be added to the oral compositions of this invention to make them more palatable. Preferred compositions of this invention are in the form of dentifrices, especially toothpastes.

While the addition sodium sulfate alone Formula 11 did not impact magnolol delivery, such delivery was slightly improved in aggents presence of Zinc oxide Formula In dentifrice compositions, the preferred amounts of citrate anion are from about 0.

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Stable oral compositions comprising casein phosphopeptide complexes and flouride. During manufacture, the pH of the following. All uptake experiments require sample analysis in triplicate. Suitable polymers include but are not limited to copolmers of maleic acid anhydride or acid with another polymerizable ethylenically unsaturated monomers, linear anticalfulus, alginates, pectins, carageenans.

After nine weeks, the person has significantly less calculus on her teeth than she did after the first nine weeks, agetns the non-anticalculus toothpaste. For over 19 years our Clinical Research Services group has been a trusted partner for developers and manufacturers of oral care products.

In other embodiments, the antibacterial ingredient comprises an extract of magnolia.

Suitable flavoring agents include menthol, oil of wintergreen, oil of peppermint, oil of spearmint, oil of sassafras, and oil of clove. Breath freshening and oral cleansing product annticalculus magnolia bark extract in combination with surface active agents.

Anticalculus agents.

In one embodiment, the compound is present in the oral care composition at a concentration of about 0. The carrier can be a liquid, semi-solid or solid phase. Silica dental abrasives, of various types, can provide the unique benefits of exceptional dental cleaning and polishing performance without unduly abrading tooth enamel or dentin.

In dentifrice compositions, the preferred amounts of zinc are from about 0. In Vitro Laboratory Support Studies. Saliva supernatant is obtained by centrifuging whole saliva for 10 minutes at 10, RPM.

Dentifrices and mouthwashes are the preferred compositions.

An Overview on anticalculus agents – A review.

Carbohydrate food debris adheres to the mucins and is digested by some types of plaque- causing bacteria. It has been found that phosphate-containing anticalculus agents such as tetrasodium pyrophosphate and sodium tripolyphosphate appear to inhibit uptake of antibacterial biphenoyl compounds.

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The disks may be obtained from Clarkson Chromatography Products Inc. BR Kind code of ref document: The amount of zinc suitable for the purposes of this invention is from about 0.

After one week he receives dental prophylaxis performed by his dentist. This coupled behavior between efficacy and aesthetics has limited anticzlculus utility of zinc in oral compositions. A dentifrice may include further optional ingredients such as adhesives, sudsing agents and abrasives. If not prevented or removed, plaque may become embedded with mineral salts, containing calcium and phosphate, to form a hard crusty deposit, calculus or tartar, on the teeth.


In mouthwashes, mouth rinses, mouth sprays and dental solutions, the preferred amount of citrate anion is from about 0. Pyrophosphate is also an anticalculus agent and, likewise, has an unpleasant taste anticxlculus worsens with increased pyrophosphate concentration. Various oral bacteria colonize the mucins and multiply, forming a layer of plaque. Gingivitis is generally believed to be caused by bacteria in the mouth particularly the bacteria instigated in plaque formation avents the toxins formed as byproducts from the bacteria.

Suitable preservatives include methylparaben, propylparaben, benzoates and ethanol.

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