A Bride Most Begrudging. Written by Deeanne Gist Review by Marcia K. Matthews. In the 17th century, women were indentured as “tobacco brides” to Virginia. 13 Sep Readers who are getting tired of the ubiquitous history lite Regency-set historical romance will want to read Deeanne Gist’s A Bride Most. Do You Believe in Love at First Fight? Any ship arriving from England means good news for Virginia colony farmers. The “tobacco brides” will be on.

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She fails at even the simplest housekeeping. Drew and Constance learned to love each other despite their differences and embraced a life together.

Oh my word, mosg is a character named Kendra!

In this case, there were such easily fixed historical inaccuracies. Begrudgimg 13, TJ rated it really liked it Shelves: Told you he was an idiot. Back-story and the faith element are also deftly woven in.

Why can’t Christian historical fiction authors do basic research on proper titles and forms of address!

Which left me free to read and enjoy the book as an historical romance. I liked the idea of her being a mathematician. In the end I was invested enough to finish the book, even through my annoyances and bried rolls so it earns a star for that.

Constance was a sassy sweetheart. A Bride Most Begrudging demonstrates a nice touch with early American history, as well as what happens when God gives you what you need instead of what you want. But I found the characters for the most part highly annoying.

A Bride Most Begrudging

Fantasizing about such things is dangerous if out of control. The only inaccurate part I can think of was the use of the New King James Bible, which wouldn’t be invented for over three hundred years.


First, the focus on the physical. But the warriors didn’t come up with overtures of peace. It was gradual, predictable but also beautiful.

I most definitely recommend this novel for anyone who is looking for an w satisfying and wonderful read. A Bride Most Begrudging was not a perfect book but I loved it so much. Which, I admit, is refreshing, especially for readers like myself who are bored with books where the beau and his lady are perfectly unmoved by sexual attraction and the accompanying emotions.

I didn’t understand w This is women’s Christian fiction?

But then he transitions to this nice guy on occasion. It was hardly far-fetched, compared to the education of the male scholars of the day. Deeanne Gist outdid herself and I officially have a new favorite book!

Jonathan should be the name of a hero, not a villain. The content was a little Also, a part of me wishes, however fleetingly, that the book had a counterpart to vegrudging, written from the perspective of Drew’s brother.

Also, Drew is an anachronistic name. She was a great cook, and an excellent friend. I have to admit, he was one of my most favorite characters.

A Bride Most Begrudging 1 21 Jan 08, A first book from an author who is definitely on her way to the top. I just love reading mosf book that will educate as well as entertain. While Drew and Constance went from indifference to love in the turn of a page, this book engaged me with its wealth of historical detail, which made the story come alive.

A Bride Most Begrudging — All About Romance

Having slipped her attentive maid to say a last goodbye brise her uncle, Constance is too late to get off the ship and is taken by the captain as a tobacco bride – one woman in the female-starved colonies is worth pounds of tobacco – and Constance is imprisoned below deck with the other women desperate for a new life. Yes there are rules to follow, but she is freer in Virginia than in London.

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I mean, one or two, for the sake of a plot line Not only did the Indian boy speak in a fashion of mingled short words and good King’s English that didn’t match in the least, within the same paragraph, but he spouts politically correct words about the claiming of the land and the logistics of the ebgrudging. It bothered me how the women and natives were treated in this book and I wasn’t a fan of some of the character’s perspective and actions.

Many people loved this book, but it was a story that didn’t really stir me. She is also the creator of I Did It! I enjoyed the history in the story. What else can I say? Amazing, wonderful, lovable, anything that you can say that is a positive adjective can be used to describe this novel.

It was just annoying. I love that Constance is interested mosr mathematics, and I love all of the little historic bits that Deeanne added to her story, like explaining the mistletoe at Christmas. But it was a regular attack.

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